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Find the ideal tree lifts crane rental in Los Angeles, CA with Redline Crane. Whether you are performing a clear-cutting operation, or want to remove a fallen tree off your property, our tree lifts are the best option.

The maximum capacity of our cranes is 30 tons. Very rarely do trees reach that weight, and we have never encountered one too heavy for us to lift. Streamline your lumber industry by allowing us to remove the trees you cut down, so your staff can continue their work instead of hauling away the items themselves.

Our tree lifts crane rentals are designed specifically to haul away logs. Instead of the traditional hook and clip, these items are outfitted with flexible bands that can be secured onto any tree no matter its diameter. Once these bands are secured across the entire piece, the crane effortlessly picks it up and transports it to your storage facility or transport vehicle.

If you are a manufacturer of paper or logs, Redline Crane makes your job much easier. Normally, after these institutions cut down a tree, they need to break down the item into smaller pieces, and conduct their operation in the uncomfortable setting of the woods. With Redline Crane, you can move the items to a better environment for the rest of your tree care work. Increase your productivity with no added effort on your part with our assistance.

If you are a home developer who recently purchased an overgrown property, enlist a landscaping crane rental from Redline Crane. Our products can easily remove any unsightly dead trees to make your property safer and more beautiful.

See how much your work or residential space can benefit from our heavy tree removal services.

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